Elaine Pham

Elaine Pham

UI/UX Designer

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About Elaine

Elaine is currently an IA/UX Designer who is passionate about technology and big ideas that shift history. She is continuously expanding her experience in developing easy experiences in a spectrum of mediums.

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Recent Work

Here are a few of Elaine's recent projects. More work samples are available upon your request.

The Key Points


Gaining a deep understanding of the target market's motivations, needs, and wants will ultimately lead to a better, well-catered product to the consumer.

User Behavior

Investigate deeper into the behavior of the consumer. Uncover the type of engagement whether it's at-home, work, on-the-go, etc.


Analyze the psychographics of the end-user and paint a detailed profile of them. Ultimately, get in the minds of the consumer.


Collaborate with all members in the production process: visual designers, marketers, engineers, etc., and hash out possible contingencies.


You can find Elaine on Pinterest, LinkedIn, Dribbble, or send her an email here.