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The Project

Drew's List is a platform for college students to buy and sell textbooks. The main actions of the app include scanning in the book's ISB-N, creating a listing, and messaging other students in the same campus. The listing process is an easy-to-read flow that allows students to put their books up quickly to find their best matches faster.

User Research and Analytics

Before anything else, an understanding of the end-user through observations and data had to be done and gathered. A survey was sampled from a population of the target market, followed by a thorough competitive analysis of the market. Here are some of the more pivotal responses that helped design Drew's List.

The results and observational data gathered started to turn into something more tangible. The main flows were reiterated multiple times and features were put in and taken out during the process. By conducting the preliminary research, it allowed the team to begin planning out work in future sprints.


Book listed were presented in cards because it provided a preview of the information, and if the user wished to see more, tapping on the card would allow the user to dive in deeper.

Action Color

The orange accent color was used to highlight active links throughout Drew's List.

The Role

My role within the team was to take the results of the survey and design the UI/UX according to the user's needs. I also played a supportive role in creating and analyzed the market
segmentation survey.

The Challenges

Maintaining the UI/UX integrity as designed was a learning process for the team. The team's goals of achieving an MVP by January 2016 was also a challenge as it became a balancing game of what/what not to include.


Drew's List uses contextual illustrations to aid users through the onboarding process. Page indicators on this flow also serve as hints in relation to their progress. Users can easily exit the tour by tapping on the "Skip Tour" button presented on every screen.

Drews List Listing

Project Status

Drew's List is currently available for download in the App Store. Since its launch in January 2016, the team has gathered a great amount of feedback and updates are being continuously released as the app expands.

May 2016
Drew's List has been accepted into the Facebook Start program
and supported by Founder Meets Funder.