Mobile App UI + Dashboard Design

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The Project

Stampet is a B2C app that offers a digital way of storing loyalty cards from participating locations. The platform allows vendors to intuitively create promotions so customers can seamlessly redeem stamps. The dashboard's panel gives the business quick access to control their loyalty programs.

Stampet frames

The Role

Elaine took lead in designing the user interface for Stampet. She was involved in the entire process from ideation to creation, which includes whiteboarding, wireframing, and delivering assets to the development team for production. The project was due 24 hours after the hacakthon began, Elaine was also the presenter of the product to the panel.


Stampet came to fruition from a hackathon event and the collaboration of five complete strangers. The challenges faced during this development was rapidly adjusting to different work styles of the team players. And as a given, the time constraints of the hackathon came into play as an adrenaline rushing challenge.

Project Status

Stampet has been laid to rest in the app graveyard. It was a success in terms of delivering a unique app utilizing the hackathon's SDK. Another success was that team also gained new skill sets and expanded their expertise in developing mobile apps. But the lesson learned? Apps need marketing to be noticed and also a continuous effort from the
team to help it grow.