"Design everything around the user, and everything else will follow."

The Approach

  • Discovery

    The first step in UX design is to discover an opportunity to enhance the product, followed by research. This step requires diving into the users mind and surfacing the "why" of their problems.

  • Design

    Design an experience for the user that solves their problem. The ideation process includes quick sketches and whiteboarding. Once the fundamental flows have been established, the sketches are turned into wireframes.

  • Develop

    Designers play an important role in the development process. Collaborate and communicate across all teams to maintain integrity of the product.

  • Test

    A/B Testing is done to identify gaps and future opportunities of implementations into the product. Once the analyzation is completed, iterations are then made.

  • Repeat

    After gathering feedback and user testing responses, those results are then analyzed to identify revisions. The product cycle is then kicked back into design phase.